Business Cards — An Essential Networking Tool in Korea

Korean business card translationBusiness cards are an essential tool for anyone doing business in Korea and to be caught without them is a serious breach of business etiquette and a major social blunder.

Presenting your Korean clients with business cards in their native language demonstrates that you are taking your business in Korea seriously: not only is it important as a sign of respect, but it is also a way of ensuring that your name, job title and other crucial information are communicated accurately, and that the image of your company is promoted positively, professionally and impressively.

In SE Asian business cultures, a business card signifies group identity and your position within that group. A Korean business card will do more than just identify you as an individual: it will clarify your status and help you to make that all-important first impression.

And that impression lasts: in Korea, business cards are often filed away for future reference, not discarded as they so often are in the West.

So, long after your Korean sales trip, your business cards and any other printed material you take with you will continue to represent you and your company to your new Korean business clients.


We translate, typeset and print dual-language business cards: English on one side, Korean on the other. We also offer Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and over 50 other languages.

With over 25 years’ experience and a full complement of in-house language and design experts, we are ideally placed to produce high-quality business card translation and artwork, allowing you to make that all-important first impression.

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