Pharma Sciences Symposium Japan, Jan 2016

Pharma Sciences Symposium 2016The 8th Takeda Science Foundation Pharma Sciences Symposium will be held in Osaka, Japan from 21-22 January 2016.

Globally renowned researchers will speak at the symposium under the theme of Biomolecule-Based Medicinal Science Featuring Mid-Size Drugs, where one of the main topics will be the application of peptides to drug discovery and development.

The symposium primarily targets researchers and the programme includes seminars, Q&A sessions and networking.

Company representatives attending trade shows and international market events are advised that Japanese business cards and promotional materials should be considered a basic requirement: overseas events provide an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and to exchange information about your company’s products & services.

Not only is this an important opportunity to provide essential contact information in your client’s language, it also shows a degree of commitment and indicates respect towards your potential business partners.

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Event Details

  • Market: Japan
  • Date: 22 – 22 January 2016
  • Sector: Pharma Sciences
  • Organiser: Takeda Science Foundation
  • Venue: Centre for Learning and Innovation, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Osaka