Selling UK Baby Goods To South Korea

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Market: South Korea
Sector: Food & Drink
Opportunity Type: Private Sector
Response date: 13/12/2015

Two Korean online retailers are looking for new British baby goods & foods which have not been sold into the market yet.

Despite the fact that the South Korean birth rate has continued to decline in recent years, baby and child-related products have expanded as parents have started to spend more on their children, and the need for baby and child-specific products have increased accordingly, with the sector showing a healthy growth rate in 2014.

As a result, two Korean online retailers are looking for new baby goods and foods brands from the UK, and both have contact points in London, making it easier for UK businesses to work with their buyers.

For more details and an introduction to the buyers, please register your interest with UKTI South Korea.

UK companies trading with South Korea are advised that Korean business cards and promotional materials should be considered a basic requirement: it is a vital opportunity to exchange information about your company’s products & services.

Not only is this an important opportunity to provide essential contact information in your client’s language, it also shows a degree of commitment and indicates respect towards your potential business partners.

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